Lead paint or dust can be a serious health risk in your home, especially for children and pregnant women. Dust can be inhaled when airborne or picked up and swallowed through contamination from dust laden surfaces. Lead from paint, chips and dust can pose serious health hazards if not taken care of properly, and can remain in the area long after any improper work is completed.


Our professional services include:

  • On-site investigation to determine the existence, nature, severity, and location of lead-based paint hazards.
  • Scraping and repainting exterior surfaces.
  • Covering exterior surfaces with aluminum or vinyl.
  • Replacing exterior porches and stairs.
  • Covering walls and ceilings with paneling or plasterboard.

If abatement work is done improperly, a greater lead hazard may be created. DO NOT dry scrape; sand with a power grinder or electric plane; burn with a torch or a heat gun; sandblast; or use chemical removers that contain methylene chloride.


Call StinkInc® today to discuss your needs or to schedule a no obligation inspection. 303.761.5414 .

Our Commitment to Service

Restore your property back to perfect condition after environmental damage has occurred. You can rely on our licensed, certified, and trained professionals for exceptional cleanup, green remediation, and rebuild work that will exceed all of your expectations, while fitting easily into both your schedule and your budget.

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