Mold Remediation Denver

What Is Mold Remediation

 Mold remediation means the removal, cleaning, sanitizing, demolition, or treatment of mold or mold-contaminated matter, live or dead, in a specific location after a mold assessment.

 We understand the science behind mold growth and mold remediation. Whether you have mold in your home or business, StinkInc has the expertise and training to remove it. With mold remediation, the goal is to remove mold from a building and return it to its natural levels.

Understanding Mold

 It is important to first realize that mold growth occurs due to water or moisture problems  

 Second, Get to know how moisture gets into your home – know where it comes from, how it gets there. By identifying the source of moisture and locating its location, warranty representatives can pinpoint mold growth from which all have grown, not only that which is immediately evident.

 It requires more than just examining mold growth on walls and in corners to assess mold growth. The presence of mold can be hidden, growing behind and around what you see at first.mold removal denver

 There may not always be a lot of mold growth in one area, so you need to figure out just how much contamination is actually present. How you approach mold removal and cleanup will depend on the extent of the contamination. Cleaning up mold in the home is the goal of mold removal, as well as avoiding exposing homeowners to large amounts of mold.

Mold Remediation Process

 Each mold damage scenario requires a different mold remediation method, however, the general method remains the same. In as little as 48 hours, mold can begin to grow when water intrudes into your property.

 Besides visual inspection, a professional company will also use infrared cameras, moisture sensors, and other advanced technologies to detect excessive moisture. For complete mold removal, professional mold removal teams follow remediation protocols that meet building code regulations in the state and localities.water damage clean-up Denver

 Professional equipment must be used to thoroughly clean and dry affected areas. We will safely remove from the structure everything that is contaminated and not salvageable. Our experts can even assist with reconstruction and repairs following mold removal. We treat every home with the respect and care it deserves. You’re kept informed on the status of your treatment while receiving preventative tips and advice from the technicians.

 It is imperative that mold remediation be carried out as soon as possible. The musty odor of mold is a common sign of mold growth, and mold can also create serious health complications.


 You need to protect your home from mold and mildew, two insidious contaminants. Flooding is one of the leading causes of mold growth, but there are also a number of other circumstances that promote mold growth. Even the smallest mold growth can cause serious consequences. Invest in affordable mold remediation services to quickly eliminate mold and mildew in your home or place of business.

 The health of an entire household can be compromised if mold is allowed to grow unchecked. Mold, fungi, and other microorganisms have been proven to cause serious health issues, including asthma, allergies, and many more. You should have a professional home inspection performed if you suspect that mold is growing in your home.